Halfway to Moscow

So I’ve been told. A little more, actually. My speedo says I’m almost 3,000 miles (about 5,000km) from Beijing. People tell me it’s 4,000km (2,400 miles) to Moscow. I got to Krasnoyarsk Wednesday evening. East of Krasnoyarsk is a nice section of road, presumably an old section of M53, that has perfectly fine asphalt and little to no traffic. It’s a good thing, too. The road has been getting progressively busier and the country more “civilized” since I reached Lake Baikal. I even went to a mall today. My front panniers are getting old and the front rack made them too low. Especially considering they’re supposed to be rear panniers. I’ve been dumped off the bike a few times because they’ve gotten caught on things. So, the front bags are going in the garbage and I bought a spiffy new backpack. A few other things are going to be sent home.

I also gave up on Google Maps. It’s pretty much worthless in this country. MapDroyd, primitive as it can be, has gotten me in and out of a few Russian cities. I found an Android App called Yandex which is making me much happier. I also paid too much for an HTC Android phone. My Brunton 14W foldup solar panel has actually managed to charge up my Droid while on the bike. Only niggle is that the car charger outlet tends to come loose. Otherwise, it actually works.

I also broke down and paid a few bucks for a Russian/English dictionary. I guess I should have dropped my Oxford in the bag when I was packing at home.

I’m still fighting a worn cassette (rear gear set). Eventually I’ll change it with the one I bought in Irkutsk. I’m impressed that my Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires haven’t had a single flat. The rear tire is completely bald but only showing a bit of the inner layer. I might manage to get to the Atlantic with the three spare tires I brought.

Basically Krasnoyarsk has been an opportunity to reorganize a bit. I’ve even had a chance to get all of my clothes and my sleeping bag run through a washer, imagine that!

Sorry, not much humor. Lots of running around and it’s very late. Zzzzzz…..

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  1. Igor says:

    Hi kamikadze! I’m glad to see you again in Net! Go go go! Igor

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