Where’s de plane, boss?

Funny thing I’ve noticed.  In the US there are airplanes big and small, high and low, everywhere.  I’ve barely seen or heard a one since I left Beijing.

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  1. Haurylau Igor says:

    Hi kamikadze! ДПС = Дорожно Патрульная Служба (Road Patrol Service). It thims to me that they can to report to FSB (KGB) and your under the big brother’s eyes. In Belarus ДПС=ГАИ =Государственная Автомобильная Инспекция (State Automobile Inspection) . There wiil’not airplanes before Moscow, cause Russian people mostly haven’t so big money for air ticket. I ‘ll arrive to Minsk 15 June. Welcome to my simple home every-time. Good luck Mister crasymenonbike! Счастливого пути! Yours Igor.

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