Language and culture

It was kind of funny crossing the border.  There was one other passenger, a Russian named Ivan.  We got along swimmingly for the hour or so it took to cross.  The funny thing is that our common language was mostly Mandarin.  He even introduced me to the Russian version of “一路平安”:  счастлового пути.  Which is good because almost everyone says it to me.
I’ve been getting along okay with the amount of Russian I know.  I’m already at the point where sometimes I appear to be completely ignorant because my buffer is full.
It was really interesting to be dropped off in a completely different country I had never been in.  At least it was in front of a market where I immediately bought some things more familiar to my Western tongue.
Then a few dozen miles down the road where I stopped in a cafe, and had to figure out how things are done here: pay and order at the counter, then let them bring the food to your table.
Just enough Russian.  Give me a few weeks to get my ear dialed in.

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