A little fun

A couple of days ago I had the idea that I wanted to have “路平” printed on my bicycle frame.  It’s a popular idiom in China.  A lot of cars have license plate frames that say “一路平安”.  Basically it means “safe travels”.
It took a few minutes of trying to explain, but after I got my point across, one of the very pretty receptionists at my hotel laughed, went with me to buy some red fingernail polish, then eagerly did her best to write it on my bicycle.  I hope it lasts.
I also managed to meet someone else from Michigan.  An English teacher from Holland, Mi.  He warned me that the crossing to Russia might take some time.  I might not get very far tomorrow, either.
I also managed to find the right widget to charge my Droid X.  It’s CDMA, so no phone calls, but at least I’ll have some functionality back.  Droids are very picky about charging cables.  I brought a good car charger but none of the MicroUSB cables I brought can make it happy. Oops.  I managed to find a wall plug to car accessory outlet adapter.  It’s finally charging again.  Whew!  Unfortunately my Nexus croaked.  Won’t boot.  It’s now a very expensive paperweight.

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  1. johnnyg says:

    Well, it’s about time you had a little fun. You certainly deserve it!

    So, what are the symbols for “Happy Trails”?

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