Manzhouli border crossing

Whew, I just spent a day screwing around trying to get to Russia.
First:  They will turn you around if you are not on a motorized vehicle.
Second:  They will tell you to take a bus.  The bus station is a very large red building on the right, a kilometer or so west of the city on wu dao jie (五道接).  It even looks like an old European bus/train station.
The ticket was 71.50RMB.
It took me about 15 miles of screwing around, so I bought a ticket for tomorrow and used the lateness in the afternoon as an excuse to stay at the Shangri La, a very nice hotel downtown.  Even has Wifi in the rooms.  It’s the kind of place that has six pillows on a six foot wide bed.
It’s a bit of a negotiation process to get a safe spot for my bicycle sometimes, but a little perseverence pays off.
I like Manzhouli too.  Relatively clean.


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