Raising the flag of victory

I have finally reached the Atlantic after 152 days.  The final tally:  8035 miles, overall average of 52 miles per day.

What did I use up?

Two rear Schwalbe Marathon tires.  The front is bald, but not showing any of the blue layer.

A few cables.  Call it two complete sets.  Because of the couplers it takes four shifter cables.  I had changed the back half of the rear shifter cable but not the front half.  The front half snapped in western Germany.

One Shimano XT bottom bracket, after 7,000 miles.

Three chains and two cassettes.  One snapped a link just a couple of days from the end.

The disc brakes are fine.  Not much elevation change on this route, really.  I carried a spare disc and a set of pads but didn’t have to use them.  Better safe than sorry.

The rear hub gave out after 4,000 miles.  I was having problems with it from the beginning, so I think it had problems from the start.  Not sure if I would use a rear Shimano hub on a long tour again.  Of course, “long” means crossing Asia and Europe.  Might have been fine if it wasn’t broken in the first place.  The front wheel is completely fine.  I like the 36 hole Mavic 823 wheel set.  Heavy but stout.

Wow, I’ve switched out so many other little things and had some other stuff ripped off or just forgotten things in hotel rooms or camp sites.

I need a haircut.

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  1. Mom-Dad says:

    What a victory it was! Where did you finish your trek? That’s three continents down, and which one comes next? GLad to hear your trip ended successfully and safely.
    Congrats and looking forward to seeing some more pictures.
    Mom and Dad

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