New country, new time zone

Just crossed into Poland last night.  I made a mistake and assumed that any of the Ukrainian border crossings would let me across.  Unfortunately some soldiers at Краковец on the M10 pointed at the sign and told me “motor vehicles only”.  One of the border agents even tried to intervene on my behalf, but they insisted that I head down to the M11 gate to Шегинi.  A 10 mile reroute.  At least now I’m in the European Union and the Central European time zone.  Eight time zone changes since Beijing.

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3 Responses to New country, new time zone

  1. Mom-Dad says:

    Your grandmother and her family came to the US from what was then Poland in 1905. No one has been able to find her hometown with borders changing. You’ve almost completed your goal of crossing the continent. What a great achievement.

  2. Igor says:

    Спасибо your Mom-Dad! Мы с тобой земляки. Я родился в г.Желудок Гродненской области. До войны это была территория Польши. Игорь.

  3. Igor says:

    Hi kamicadze! It seems to me you at home at last. My congratulations! Igor. Minsk

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