Buckle your safely belts Dorothy


After a four hour delay my plane got into Beijing at almost nine PM.  Rather than wait for a cab I found the same area I put my bike together at last year.
This took a couple more hours.  What is funny is that the airport security and maintenance didn’t mind.  Actually they looked kind of amused.
Before leaving I gave my bike’s suitcase to a janitor and another took the cardboard box I had my gear in, like setting fire to the ships on the shore.  Not a scrap remained.
After setting off in the direction I thought my hotel was in I realized I was completely upside down.  By the time I found the right road and my hotel it was four AM.  But now I know my way around PEK. 
The Crowne Plaza at PEK is really nice, BTW.  I chose it because it’s next to the highway to Russia. Finding it was worth the effort.
Speaking of which, practicing Russian has helped my Chinese.  I can understand and be understood.  Ever moreso. While listening in on the Russians sitting behind me.
Only took 10 years of casual practice.

Anyway, had some work to do on the bicycle and took some time to organize my gear. Also, riding in gale force winds is inconvenient.

I’ll start north tomorrow. I promise.

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