Jesus is bowling

I’ve been getting drenched for the past few days by thunderstorms.  At least I’ve reached the Siberian Plain, Russia’s soft squishy center.  It’s flat and swampy as Florida, and apparently will remain so until the Urals.  At least the horse flies have disappeared, but the  Mosquitoes remain vicious.

With the weather I’ve been staying indoors for the past few nights.  A couple of days ago I ended up at a hotel with two other cyclists, one from Scotland who had gathered up a Russian heading the same direction.  At the same time, there were two other Scotsman who had spent the past several months tooling around in Russia and Mongolia in a Toyota 4×4.  I’ve met a lot of people on motorcycle, bicycle, and car traveling around  Russia and Asia.  Last week I shared a hotel room with a German bicycle tour guide.  He started talking to me in Russian, but after the first few questions he got over my head.  Noticing he had a non-native accent I asked him if he spoke English :) .

The roads continue to improve, but there’s still a lot of variation.

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