A day at the zoo

I spent today going to the zoo, picking up a few things, and exploring the city by bicycle.  The zoo was the highlight.  They even have a Liger, but it was napping so I didn’t get a picture of it.  Lots of other cats, too.

I thought the wolf pen was too small.  The large herbivores had much larger enclosures.  They need to let the wolves go play with the horsies ;) .

Funniest thing?  They had a few of our friends from North America: Skunks and Raccoons.   I hope they’re sterilized and their pen secure.  I wouldn’t wish a proliferation of those on anybody.

Scariest thing?  What looked like a full grown male Grizzly Bear.  Wow.  Big mean thing the size of a horse.  Absolutely stunning.  Plus a few Polar Bears, which were the star attraction.

But I love the lesser primates, such as Tamarins and Lemurs.  Way cool.

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